About us

Mad Blues is an event organization, promotion and communication agency for artists and bands of different styles and genres.

Our goal is to look hand in hand with the customer a response so as to know how to push the project having the best professionals within each area.


Many musicians for different reasons can not find a way to promote themselves.

If you don't know how to promote your project, in Mad Blues we have the best professionals in graphic design, video and photography.

A good image is essential to give professionalism to your project.


We are a company with more than ten years of experience in organizing and providing professional services for events.

We have all the necessary resources for holding events for companies and also for individuals, focused exclusively on the success of our clients.

We have a qualified, dynamic and innovative team, with extensive experience in the sector.


The management of social networks nowadays is fundamental for a good promotion and many musicians do not have the time and don't know the necessary tools to carry it out.

In MadBlues we have the best team of Comunity Managers so that your project has the best dissemination so as to reach to a lot number of fans.


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